Lance Collister formed Creative Resources International following two decades of experience in such areas as design engineering, research and development, production management, sales training and marketing management (domestic and overseas), general management, new product development, project management, computer programming, and general technical services. Significant factors in his successful career have been his ability to communicate effectively, both verbally and in writing, to a variety of audiences; problem solve; and his scientific, mechanical and technical aptitudes. In addition to technical papers and scientific reports, he has written extensive manuals for sales training and do-it-yourself construction, sales brochures, press releases, advertisements, catalogs and other promotional literature. Collister's scientific education and background, coupled with extensive domestic and international marketing and sales experience, as well as management experience, provide many options for working effectively with clients on a variety of specific projects.

Independent Consulting Services

Although flexible programs can be developed to suit the particular needs of the client, CRI most usually provides services in the following areas: Fees for Export Management and Export and Import services are usually paid through a percentage commission based on the value of the products sold. Marketing and New Product Development services are usually paid on a consulting basis, plus a negotiated percentage of royalties and/or licensing fees. Consulting activities are renumerated either through a monthly retainer, on a project basis, or a simple hourly basis depending on the types of services required. Please contact us for availability and further specific fee information.

Links to Past/Present Clients

As the Internet is becoming increasingly used by businesses, more of our clients have become interested in developing their own web sites. We assist clients in evaluating the benefits related to such an expansion, as well as planning and maintaining such sites. As additional clients obtain their own sites, they will be publicized here.

Timberline Tool & Casting manufactures unique, internationally patented Firefighter's and Topside clamps for safely and securely "squeezing off " the flow of pressurized water in hoses or natural gas in polyethylene pipes. A smaller version also is available for use on rubber and plastic hoses for industrial, automotive and home applications. All clamps safely can be left in the closed position, compress the pipe/hose only a controlled/predetermined amount, and are available in metric sizes and specifications for overseas shipment. The clamps are strong, non-rusting and non-sparking, and optional accessories also are available. Located in western Montana, the company is extremely forward-thinking and comitted to high quality products and service.

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